How To Properly Groom Your Dog


How to properly groom your dog

Grooming is not just about keeping your dog good-looking or maintaining your dog’s level of cleanliness. Grooming is about maintaining the physical and emotional health of your dog as well. 

Grooming makes your dog look nice, which can have a psychological effect on people who come in contact with your dog. People, especially children, may be suspicious or afraid of an unkempt dog. However, people will feel more invited to interact with a dog who looks well cared for. This will give your dog more opportunities to socialize.  

Grooming your dog is a chance to give his fur a good once-over. When you are brushing your dog, you will be able to find any suspicious bumps or lumps which may be hidden by his coat. You will also be able to find any mats which might be causing him discomfort or pain. You will also be able to discover bleeding or sore gums while cleaning his teeth. This will help you in preventing any possible oral hygiene problems. When you are clipping his nails, you may come across something caught in his paws or a sensitive spot. 

You will be able to timely identify all these potential issues if you are consistent with your dog’s grooming. You should think of it as a regular health check. The sooner you identify a problem; the earlier your veterinarian will be able to help your dog. 

How often does my dog need grooming?

A commonly asked question we get from customers is this! The answer depends mainly on the breed of your dog, his hair length, and type of coat. But as a thumb rule, you should do regular grooming at least once a month. More frequent grooming or brushing at home should be done for young puppies and dogs who have never been groomed. This will get your dog used to being handled, and grooming issues will be prevented from entering adulthood. 

Let us guide you on how to groom your dog properly. 


Bathing your dog

How often you need to bathe your dog will depend on the particular needs of each individual dog. Bathing is usually necessary when a dog has an unpleasant odor or if he has accumulated mud/dirt on his coat. Dogs with certain skin problems may need different bathing schedules. These should be properly incorporated in their treatment plan, and your vet can advise you on this. 



The Shampoo

You should choose a shampoo that is specifically designed for dogs. Dogs have sensitive skin which is different from human skin. So human shampoo shouldn’t be used for bathing dogs. 

You should choose a gentle and mild hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs with healthy skin and coat. If your dog has some skin conditions, then you should consult your vet before deciding on the shampoo product. 


The best place for bathing your dog 

For some dogs, it is easier to bathe them outside in the backyard. If you have a backyard, this is a good option for medium to large-sized dogs and dogs who try to jump out of the tub. You must always check the temperature of the hose water before bathing your dog.

Bathtub/dog tub
Bathing your dogs in a bathtub or dog tub can be a suitable option. You should observe your dog if he likes bathing in a tub or feels upset about it. If your dog doesn’t like being bathed in a tub, then you should try the outdoors instead. You should apply a non-slip mat to the floor of the tub for preventing any injury or slipping.

How to bathe your dog?
Bathing a dog is fairly simple you just need to follow these steps, 

Give your dog a nice brush for trimming off any knots before bath time.

Wet your dog’s hair all the way from the neck to the tail and on both sides. Dogs are sensitive around the head so do take caution that water does not enter the dog’s ears when showering. Also avoid getting water into the eyes, mouth, and nose. 

Apply some hypoallergenic dog shampoo to the body once it’s thoroughly wet. 

Now gently massage the shampoo onto various parts of the dog’s body. 

Gently rinse the shampoo using your fingers to ensure that you get through the undercoat. 

Next, you should apply a gentle, hypoallergenic dog conditioner. You should rinse it thoroughly once you let it sit on the coat for several minutes. 

Now you must dry off your dog by using a gentle and smooth towel, and a low heat hairdryer. 

Clipping nails

You should clip the nails of your dog about once a week. If you hear the clicking sound of the nails on a hard surface, then it’s time for clipping them. 

Most dogs don’t like their feet to be handled so clipping nails might not be as easy as you may think. You need to make your dog get used to clipping nails. You can do this by offering them a yummy treat after every clipping session.

  • A dog’s toenail usually has some seemingly pink area. This is the part of your dog’s toenails which supplies blood to the nail. You must avoid cutting this area for it can lead to bleeding, and will your dog will feel pain. Here is how you can clip your dog’s nails, 
  • Gently and steadily hold the dog’s feet.
  • Use an appropriate clipper, place a tiny bit of the nail in the nail clipper and clip it off. 
  • You must stop immediately if the nail feels spongy for you may be cutting the blood vessels. 


Cleaning ears
Dog ears are very sensitive, and they can hear sounds which humans aren’t capable of hearing. They also have the ability to hear things from very far away. Therefore, their ears need to be regularly cleaned for proper functioning.

You should start cleaning your dog’s ears from the outside and work your way in. You need to stop pushing when you feel resistance to pushing any further can damage the dog’s ears. Wet a cotton ball with ear rinse and start wiping the outer flap. Then wet another cotton ball for cleaning the inner ear. 

If the cotton balls come out to be unusually dirty, then you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with your vet for ensuring that everything is fine.

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By Mandy Kate, Raku Inu Team




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