When looking for a puppy, the establishment you are purchasing from should be clean and spacious or at the very least, not dirty and cramp for you to interact with the puppies. On top of these basic expectations, you should also receive a puppy starter kit to help your puppy get used to its new home.

At Raku Inu, we are a full and complete shop which opens during fixed retail hours and provides the above. Do not just settle for less, only insist on the best. After all, a furkid goes a long way. Purchase responsibly.





What’s Included with the Puppy

✔️ 1 puppy starter kit (Pee tray, collar, leash, toilet training spray, comb, brush, toothbrush, bowl, toy)
✔️ 1 tub of kibbles that they are currently consuming
✔️ 1 basic grooming
✔️ 3 vaccinations
✔️ Deworming
✔️10% off lifetime grooming services with Rakuinu
✔️Free 1 session private dog training (worth $80)(NEW)

                                                                                                                                       Contact US now for more info 🐶

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