The Number One Thing You Need When Buying A Puppy

Simple Reasons Why Your Puppy Should Come From a Clean Petshop

Getting a puppy as a pet is more than just having a companion or as simple as buying toys and ensuring adequate food for them. While these are necessities it will be detrimental if the environment itself is not optimal for the dog. When we talk about the environment, we are specifically looking at the condition of the place that they were kept at, in this case, the petshop. Let us understand why there is a need for a clean and tidy environment for your puppy and how it affects their health and development. 


Cleaner puppy

If the petshop is dirty and cluttered with grime and dirt, it will be bad for your puppy since it is still developing and will be infected by the bacteria and germs that are propagating throughout the premises. Hence, it will be paramount for you to ensure the puppy that is going home with you is from a clean environment, which will aid positively to the puppy’s development. Indeed, in future should you decide to bring your puppy outdoors, it will be important for you to ensure that the relevant areas are clean too. 


Healthier puppy

The cleaner the puppy is, the healthier is it! Can you imagine purchasing a dirty puppy and expecting it to be healthy? It will be impossible, given that the dirtier dog would probably be a host for germs and bacteria. And since having a clean and tidy environment contributes to having a cleaner puppy. It will also be important in keeping the pup healthier too. 


Smell Fresher 


When the environment that they reside in is clean, it will inevitably ensure that the dog does not smell, and this will be important as it affects their development and health. For example, if the bed that the dog sleeps on is not clean, it will cause skin irritation to the puppy. When this happens, rashes will form and thus causing the dog to smell bad, and this will be something that you wish to avoid as the puppy’s development will be affected.



Cleaner food and water


We should not devoid our puppy to have access to clean water and food. This is a no-brainer actually, given that the condition of the environment has a direct impact on the quality of water and food that you provide to the dog. For example, if the environment is dirty, the water and food bowl will most probably be contaminated and dirty. This will cause food and water to be contaminated as well, and it will pose a challenge to the dog’s health and development.



The minimum standards of a pet shop are that it should be at the very least, clean and tidy. This would translate to the condition of the environment that is provided to the puppy and will have a direct impact on the puppy’s health and development. If the puppy’s health and development are properly taken care of when they are younger, it will ensure that the puppy would be healthier when they grow older.  At Rakuinu, we pride ourselves as possibly being the cleanest in our town. We believe that we owe it to the customers and puppies that our shop remains free of pathogens and our puppies grow up to be strong and healthy. We invite customers to interact and bond with the puppies at our wide play area before deciding on bringing one home. Follow us on Instagram here to see what puppies we currently have in stores, or simply drop us a WhatsApp message here to schedule a viewing appointment!









By Joelle Leong, Raku Inu Team

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