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When looking for a puppy, the establishment u are purchasing from should be clean and spacious or at the very least, not dirty and cramp for you to interact with the puppies. On top of these basic expectations, you should also receive a puppy starter kit to help your puppy get used to its new home.

At Raku Inu, we are a full and complete shop which opens during fixed retail hours and provides the above. Do not just settle for less, only insist on the best. After all, a furkid goes a long way. Purchase responsibly.

All of our puppies are vaccinated at least twice and are approved by AVS. Click Here to see the current puppies we have.

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Puppies Testimonial

“They are really attentive, responsive and very helpful. I found my Princess, Kuro, the Shiba Inu and I cannot be happier. Not just before and during but even after getting Kuro, they have been following up to find out how she is and been offering help and support. You’re in good hands with them!
Kuro was toilet trained in a week, learnt sit in a few days, paw in 5 minutes, lie down in one day. That’s pretty hard to beat.” -Leon

“Found the love of my life at raku inu and now I couldn’t imagine a life without him. I knew it was going to be tough training such a active and strong puppy but I was determined to put in more efforts. All of the worries of not being able to train him well was put to rest the first day I brought him home because he picks up commands really well and was toilet trained by the third day at home even when I did not confine him to any space. I am further blown away by how smart he is because commands like sit and paw was mastered by him with just 2 tries. Since I brought him home, my day have always been filled with laughters by his random silly antics out of nowhere.

All of these would not have been possible if it’s not for Raku Inu & team. They have so much patience with me when I was meeting droopy and other corgis for the first time. And after so many pet shop visits, no other pet shop have ever gave me advises like “you should interact with all of them one by one before you decide” because the chances of customer getting the pup drops when more time is given for customer to consider. For that I am truly impressed because they have the best interest for their puppies instead of typical business place that just wants to make money, fast and hassle-free. That was once proven again when I text them to ask them some questions regarding droopy after I brought him home and they would respond almost immediately. I will always be keeping a grateful heart towards Raku Inu & team for all the happiness Droopy is bringing me every day because without them, I wouldn’t have met Droopy. Thank you Raku Inu and team! ❤” – Shanel

“When I first stepped into raku inu, I felt lost and excited. It was my first time stepping into a shop and actually interacting with a dog that I may bring home with me. Agnes from raku inu was really warm in welcoming us and went ahead to carry the potential pups out for us to interact with. She stood by us and explained each dog’s character and taught us how to carry a dog. We were awkward first time pawrents but she remained super smiley and patient throughout. There was also absolutely no pressure from her for us to get the dog on that day. She knew and understood that getting a dog is more than just an impulse purchase. Over the course of one week we went back a few times, each time interacting with the same corgi, and each time Agnes welcomed us and stood by time and again patiently to watch us interact with the corgi. Ultimately, when we decided to bring our little pup home, we could tell that she was a little sad to part with the puppy. I observed this in all other staff in raku inu and could really feel that they truly care for the dogs at the shop. The shop was really clean and well maintained and the dogs look excited with tails wagging, which really reflects their well being. While raku inu is a new shop, it’s definitely one with sincerity. 

“Very good experience with Raku Inu. Their staff are very patient and I can see that they takes good care of the dogs there. Its the first petshop that i visited that does not reeks of pee and poo smell.
I got my puppy from them and had my puppy done grooming here too.” – Kiana

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